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Digital Honing machine: For honing, lapping and grinding deep holes, guide sleeves, cylinders and other universal  purpose

Our new generation of Digital precision Honing machines particularly considers the needs of contract manufacturers in job shop production and prototyping, meeting highest requirements in regard to flexibility and efficiency. From manual honing in single piece production up to fully automated operations, all suitable operating modes are available. In addition to short set up and machining times, importance was laid on user-friendliness and work safety.

Digital Honing machine is mainly used for honing holes of cylinder body and sleeve holes for various engines and other accurate holes. With stepless of spindle turning feeding, reciprocating, The short stroke machine can be used for making the workpiece conveniently and the diameter of the honing head can be varied in the honing process according to the user need.

Precision Honing Machines - EH Series

Semi Automatic Precision Honing Machine (1-Axes Automatic)

The machines in this series are used in the final machining process of cylindrical holes, both for manufacturing and grinding. The honing operation is not used solely for the cylinders of internal combustion engines, but also in other fields, such as: compressors and hydraulic components.

Highest effi ciency in a compact design All necessary functions, such as the coolant conditioning and superfine filtration, are integrated into a compact floor space. The cost-optimized horizontal honing system is designed for the production of most diverse batches and product ranges. Precision work pieces with diameters of 3-110 mm and honing lengths of up to 380 mm can be produced very efficiently within short cycle times. Stroke speeds of up to 310 times/min and accelerations of up to 4g are achieved.

The set up or retooling of the machine is possible in the shortest time frame due to a configured interface. This also applies to changing and controlling of various types of fixtures, tools and machine functions.
The intuitive operator interface minimizes the preparation times and training processes for additional personnel.
On the special developed overview screen all the necessary information is displayed for the operator and all required machine functions can be executed

EH Honing Seriesmax work diametermax lengthmotor power


• Developed for contract and job shop honing production
• Manual single piece and fully automated operations possible
• Honing diameters up to 110 mm
• Honing lengths up to 380 mm
• Electro mechanical expansion with force sensor
• Stroke speeds up to 310 times/min
• Accelerations up to 4g
• Integrated coolant conditioning and superfine filtration

EH Precision Honing Machine Models

Semi automatic Precision Honing Machines



Working diametermmØ3-Ø60
Max lengthmm260
Spindle speed rangerpm700-1380-1850
Spindle motorkW0.75
Stoke speed per minutetimes/min 90-140
Stroke motor powerkW0.75


Working diametermmØ3-Ø100
Max lengthmm260
Spindle speed rangerpm250-2500
Spindle motorkW1.5
Stoke speed per minutetimes/min 80-310
Stroke motor powerkW0.75


Working diametermmØ6-Ø110
Max lengthmm380
Spindle speed rangerpm250-2500
Spindle motorkW2.2
Stoke speed per minutetimes/min80-310
Stroke motor powerkW0.75

Precision Honing Machines Specifications

Model Unit EH-626 EH-1026 EH-1138
Working diameter mm Ø3-Ø60 Ø3-Ø100 Ø6-Ø110
Max length mm 260 260 380
Spindle speed range rpm 700-1380-1850 250-2500 250-2500
Spindle motor kW 0.75 1.5 2.2
Stoke speed per minute times/min 90-140 80-310 80-310
Stroke mm 0-150 0-160 0-280
Stroke motor power kW 0.75 0.75 0.75