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Lasermach LFWW-Series: WOBBLE-6-PRO+

The killer of electric welding and argon arc welding machines

Advantages of FIBER LASER welding

Short cycle times, high welding speed

Precise and high quality parts

Flexible integration and production

Low thermal deformation

Contact-free processing

Welding without adding material

No flame = NO fume


More details on handheld fiber laser welding

Goto Wobble 3 manual fiber laser welding for the workshop

PROFISPOT®: Affordable High Quality Pressure welding machines

PROFISPOT® Pressure welding machines - Spot Welding Machines

Our Pressure/Spot-Welding machines are designed for applications that require more current and more force than standard equipment is intended. Our heavy-duty Spot-Welders use a very sturdy frame and can be considered as one of the most rigid on the market today.

Our Heavy-Duty Projection Type Resistance Welders are widely used by the metalworking industries today because of its extreme versatility.  This general-purpose machine represents a new high achievement in welder design and engineering and embodies advantages which afford the greatest performance.  Its modern design has incorporated ruggedness, accuracy, and reliable uninterrupted performance – all of which are of utmost importance to high production rate.

All our machines are fully digital controlled with the latest microprocessed power controller.

Our welding machines can be delivered equipped with one of following controllers and power sources:

  • Digital Capacity Discharge (CD) welding controller
  • Digital Alternateing Current (AC) welding controller
  • Digital Medium Frequency inverted Direct Current (MFDC) welding controller

Depending process, workpiece, budget and workload, the perfect choice for your job is always available.

PROFIBOT®: Affordable High Quality Robotised Welding Cells

Profibot ® CNC Welding Robots

Affordable and reliable robot welders with easy "teach-in" controller



The lightning fast growth of Robotic Welding

In the manufacturing industry, companies constantly strive for improved quality and productivity while still keeping costs low. In order to make these improvements, manufacturing companies often turn to technology, and this is especially true in the case of welding.

Welding, at its most basic form, is the process of joining two materials through the application of heat and pressure. When people think of welding, the word often conjures an image of a protective mask and a pair of heavy gloves handling a torch. While manual welding still has its place in the industry, a growing shortage of professional welders has left a substantial gap. As result an increasing number of companies are investing in robotic welding setups.

Installing a robotic welding apparatus takes a great deal of consideration, planning and significant investments in time and money. However, companies that have implemented robotic welding in their procedures have discovered innumerable long-term benefits.

We can supply any robotized welding cell at very affordable prices, all produced with quality components!

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Profibot Series : robotized welding machines - Profispot Series: Manual and cnc pressure welding machines

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