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Profimach® Wire Bending and Forming Machines

High quality affordable wire forming and wire bending machines

These high precision wireformers and wirebenders have been specially developed and improved in recent years. 

All essential construction elements are made of high grade of cast iron or steel that is stress relieved through annealing to eliminate internal stress. With the greatest stiffness and stability of the castings, these machines are suitable for precision surface grinding.

These wirebenders and wireformers are offered with twofull-year limited warranty for mechanical and electrical parts.

Wire forming technology has completely revolutionized the manufacturing industry. We can create 2D and 3D wire forms to effectively meet the customer’s needs. It is the process of taking wire from a spooled coil and then forming or bending into a particular configuration. The wire forming machine uses the system of uncoiling the material from the spool and running through a series of opposing wheels. The feeding process is controlled by the CNC controller.
When the wire or the bar is fed into the articulating head, through a series of dies and pins rotates around the straight wire in a number of bends. There are several types of wire benders on the market some of which are very limited in their application and scope. Today, by using CNC technology, newer and highly modifiable machines are used to form wire for hundreds of rebar used in concrete forms to store racks and many more.
Profimach is supplying the wire forming machines worldwide at attractive prices. We have successfully supplied many machines to various Industries based upon our customer requirements and specifications.

Spiral Forming Machines - Spring Coiling Machines - Compression Spring Machine

Spring Coiling Machine

CNC spring coiling machine provides high-speed production with precision tolerances. With vast industrial experience, Profimach is positioned as a top supplier of spring coiling machines. All our machines were developed using superior quality raw material and latest technology to ensure best safety standards. Spring coiler machines are available with us in various specifications and sizes; we will assist the right product for your industrial needs.

Our team of skilled professionals guarantees that, our machines are developed as per international standards of quality. We are manufacturing the 2 axis and 4 axis spring coiler machines at attractive prices.

These coiling machines are used in automobile & auto components industry, iron & steel industry, aerospace, heavy engineering, power generation, railways, defense, forging industry, shipyard and etc.

Which Spring Coiling Machine better suits you?

Wire Forming Machines

Wire Forming Machine

We offering four wire forming machine models with latest technology and specifications to meet various industrial needs. Profimach is supplying the wire forming machines worldwide at attractive prices. We successfully supplied many machines to various Industries based upon our customer requirements and specifications. As a global exhibition participant, we achieve a recognition to our wire forming machine for its excellence.

We have experienced and professional engineers with high-class manufacturing skills on wire forming machines. Our quality has been guaranteed from our customers feedback. We are always trying our best to meet the customers' demands and assist with suitable wire former model to fulfill their need.

Available Models till 12-Axis.

Wire forming Machines

NC Wire forming Machine

PWF-NC Series - NC - Cams plus central servo motor

CNC Wire Forming Machine

PWF-CNC Series : Full CNC - Full Servo - No Cams

Wire Bending Machines

Wire Bending Machine

Profimach is a supplier of quality wire bending machine. We have successfully supplied bending machines to the various industries at attractive prices.

We ensure that our machines are easy to operate and provide hassle free operations, highly flexible and accuracy in less time. CNC Wire bending machines are commonly used in steel products manufacturing, industrial processing, automotive, power sectors and etc. Each job has different mechanical properties such as strength, toughness, rigidness, and etc. Based upon the product outputs, wire bender model and its specifications will vary.

Profimach is offering different models of wire bending machines to serve various industrial needs. In our machines, the wire takes directly from the coil, straighten it, bend it, and cut it by using built-in software to produce the outputs.

Wire bending machine rotating head does not rotate the thread to support 360-degree rotation, the inner mold will be rotate to support multiple R angle to ensure fast and stable production operation.

Wire Bending Machines


Dual head CNC Wire Bending Machine

Twin Series


Proven Wire forming Solutions

Proven wire bending solutions

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